Kim Yuna’s Husband Ko Woo Rim Reveals What Has Changed Since Getting Married

The vocalist married Kim Yuna this past October.

Kim Yuna‘s husband and Forestella member, Ko Woo Rim, spoke about the changes in his life since marrying the figure skating legend.

Ko Woo Rim | @woorim_ko/Instagram

Cosmopolitan Korea interviewed Ko Woo Rim and the members of Forestella for its January 2023 issue to bring awareness to Forestella’s first single album, The Bloom : UTOPIA – The Borders of Utopia.

Forestella | BeatKor

The members also participated in a photo shoot held at a traditional Korean Hanok. The members’ neutral and earth-tone outfits complemented the backdrop well. The members each brought forth their charms which resulted in the polished stills.

Forestella |

During the members’ individual interviews, Ko Woo Rim revealed that marriage had brought him a sense of stability in his life. The vocalist also stated what he hopes for himself.

Meeting my life partner has brought a sense of stability to my life. From now on, whether as an individual or as a partner, I hope to become a more confident person.

— Ko Woo Rim

Forestella revealed that the group would be holding a concert and an international tour to promote their new single album.

Ko Woo Rim became a real-life prince charming when he married Korean hero and figure-skating legend Kim Yuna. Revered as Queen Yuna, the Olympic Gold Medalist is regarded as one of the greatest figure skaters of all time. On October 22, the couple got married at a beautiful wedding celebration held at the Shilla Hotel in Seoul.

Video Clip Of Kim Yuna Kissing Ko Woo Rim At Their Wedding Goes Viral

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