“King The Land” Viewers Demand Apology From Actor Anupam Tripathi Due To “Offensive” Performance As Arab Prince

Hate comments have flooded his Instagram.

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JTBC‘s new hit K-Drama King the Land, starring 2PM‘s Junho (also known as Lee Jun Ho) and Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA (also known as Im Yoon Ah or Lim Yoon A), is under fire after the recent episodes.

YoonA (left) and Junho (right) in the “King the Land” poster.

In Episodes 7 and 8, Squid Game actor Anupam Tripathi portrayed Prince Samir. He was depicted as a former schoolmate of Gu Won’s (Junho) from when he studied abroad. Yet, Prince Samir is also one of the richest men in the world, so when word got out that he was traveling to South Korea, the King Hotel went against their competitors to get the prince to stay with them. 

From left: YoonA, Anupam Tripathi, and Junho as Sa Rang, Prince Samir, and Gu Won, respectively | JTBC

Prince Samir played not only a comedic role but one that helped move the plot as he became the “second male lead” as soon as he met Sa Rang (YoonA). He vied for her affection and even proposed marriage to her. This ultimately motivated Gu Won to confess his own feelings to Sa Rang after Prince Samir’s departure.

After his unfortunate ending in Squid Game, K-Drama fans were initially happy for Anupam Tripathi’s return to the screenSome even enjoyed his new character in King the Land. 

Yet, many viewers found the new character to be problematic and offensive. While it was meant to be humorous, it came across as “insulting” to Arab people that Prince Samir appeared obsessed with alcohol and women. This is not the representation anyone wanted.

Additionally, some viewers were offended that the Arab character was portrayed by a non-Arab actor. Anupam Tripathi is Indian. So, if an Arab character is included, they want authentic casting and non-stereotypical portrayal. 

Consequently, a lot of hate has been directed toward Anupam Tripathi since the episodes aired. His Instagram posts have been spammed with unhappy netizens demanding an apology for his role. 

Unfortunately, many comments spamming the actor’s Instagram have now even resorted to racism. In a sea of flag, vomit, and middle finger emojis are also gorilla, monkey, and cow emojis.

Likewise, viewers have requested an apology from JTBC. The production team did release a statement via SPOTV News in response, but it left netizens even more infuriated.

All characters, areas, and nominations that appear in the drama are works of fiction. We never specified the prince’s country of origin.

King The Land production team

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