KISS OF LIFE’s Natty Receives Praise For Dance Skills

The new main dancer of her generation!
  • KISS OF LIFE has just barely debuted but they are already creating a huge splash. In particular, many were tuned in to the debut due to member Natty, who is known to have participated in survival shows prior to her debut.

She first met the audience through Sixteen, through which TWICE debuted. Natty was deemed too young for the group and was eliminated despite her stellar talent.

Next, she appeared on Idol School, but was unfortunately eliminated as well. Through the show, many got to know of her vocal stability and talent.

Natty made a solo debut in 2020 with “Nineteen.” The song didn’t gain much traction, neither did her follow up, “Teddy Bear.”

She later left Stone Music Entertainment and went to S27 Entertainment, where she trained to be a part of the group. She finally redebuted in 2023 with KISS OF LIFE. Through her solo pre-release, “Sugarcoat,” her dance skills were reappraised once more. The public acknowledged her insane dance skills once again.

She has also recently been gaining attention for the satisfying way she executes the dance break in KISS OF LIFE’s debut song, “Shhh.”

Netizens had nothing but praise for the star. She has been delivering during each and every live performance.

A recent post online named her as one of the rising dancers of the new generation. After seeing her performance clips, netizens couldn’t help but agree. The original post carefully named her as within the Top 40 of her generation in case of trolls. Netizens claim she is definitely better than that.

| theqoo
  • LOL Top 40??? LOL. You guys are softening it too much for theqoo.
  • Top 40 LOL. The choice of words definitely prevents trolling. But she’s really so good at dancing. I see she’s good at singing too, from the parts she sings.
  • Wow, it’s been so long for Natty. I listened to “Nineteen” here and there. Seems like she redebuted in a group.
  • Their song is good and she’s really talented. Please listen to “Sugarcoat” for real.
  • I saw Natty when she was a total baby, how old is she now? She grew up lots.
  • Wow she’s so powerful.
  • If it’s Top 40, Julie can be in it too. Natty dances really well, in a sticky sorta way.
  • She’s good, but Julie gets my attention.
  • Top 40 LOL. But Natty is really good. Please listen to her solo song, “Sugarcoat.” Her vocal color was insane.

We love seeing Natty get the praise she deserves!

Source: Theqoo