Rapper KittiB Criticized After Tweeting About G-Dragon’s Dogs, She Responded

She responded to the criticisms.

G-Dragon‘s two Shar Pei dogs, Gaho and Jolie, recently became an issue after the attendants of their family-run pension failed to provide them the proper care.

During the uproar, rapper KittiB took to Twitter to respond to a tweet that criticized how the dogs were being treated.

She wrote, “I wish there was a law that prevented people who raise and abandon animals like fast fashion from ever adopting a pet again……. I’m sorry that I’m a human……

After her post, KittiB was bombarded by fans and netizens who criticized her for allegedly talking bad about G-Dragon. They implied that she was referring to G-Dragon by the post she commented under, as well as the fact that G-Dragon is a fashionista and had recently been called out for adopting other cats.

As the criticisms grew, she reached out through a news press to claim that she wasn’t attacking G-Dragon. She expressed that she only wanted to point out the duties of pet owners and hoped G-Dragon could use his influence to set a good example.

I wasn’t attacking G-Dragon. I was talking about my love and passion for animals, as well as the duties of pet owners. I hope that people who have influence in today’s society can set good precedents.

— KittiB

KittiB explained that she’s been an animal lover since she was very young and couldn’t help to make a post when she saw photos of Gaho. She meant no malicious intent but only hoped G-Dragon would take action.

I grew up with animals ever since I was young. I received a lot of comfort and love from animals, so I wrote that post with pride. I hope everyone realizes that I didn’t have malicious intent towards anyone.

G-Dragon is a person of great influence. I believe that the Shar Pei breed’s popularity was widely due to G-Dragon’s influence. So I wrote the post with a personal hope that he’ll love his dogs more and show better images.

— KittiB

She also emphasized how the legal system doesn’t protect animal welfare and rights at the current moment. She hopes that will change in the near future as she also does her work to help animals.

Of course, the extreme animal abuse that comes out in the news may be few but I hope that a legal penalty for such actions existed. The animal welfare organizations can only do so much, so I hope the law will take action.

I will also study more about animal rights and become someone who can put words into action too.

— KittiB

Source: TV Daily