K-Netizens Slam Male Idol’s Reason Why Artists Don’t Promote On Music Shows, Idol Responds Back

He cleared things up.

Previously, third-generation idol VICTON’s Hanse revealed why he didn’t promote on music shows. Although he has promoted on music shows in the past as a group member and a solo artist, fans have noticed that he hasn’t been appearing on broadcasts in a while.

| Bubble

He posted messages on Bubble revealing the cost of doing a music show and that the expenses to prepare for the show were all “debt” to the idols.

Do Hanse | dxhxnxe/Instagram

Hanse felt that his debt only increased the more they did music shows. He added that if they complete the seven-year contract, the debt disappears, but they also don’t earn a penny during that time. However, netizens felt that an idol didn’t need to talk about such matters to the fans.

I thought it was just me, but I don’t think talking too realistically in front of the fans is a good idea. I spend a lot of money on you guys, too, but I don’t talk about each little thing. Just shut up and say something nice, especially male idols. If we were going to talk about numbers, I wouldn’t have liked you guys and invested in stocks or real estate instead.

It’s the fans that are the most unprofitable from this. Your debt disappears after seven years, but if a fan stops stanning, they’re just left with credit card debt that needs to be paid.

I know this is the reality, but it is really necessary to say all this to the fans. What’s the point in making the fans feel the same way? There’s nothing more draining than talking about deeply rooted resentment.

Why do fans need to hear this? Why are you talking about money on a subscription app that fans pay for. Isn’t it the fans that are in debt from stanning idols. Why is he talking about numbers. Someone keep his mouth shut. So rude.

Netizens who saw the posts weren’t even surprised and were indifferent about the fans’ responses online.

Netizen comments | theqoo
Netizen comments | theqoo
Netizen comments | theqoo
  • “I knew Twitter would be like that…not even surprised.”
  • “Eh?”
  • “How did it get to this point?”
  • “I mean, what they are saying is right…they all make a lot of money too.
  • “They’re not even that group’s fan…funny to see people making a fuss about it.”
  • “I think anyone could think like that…they just don’t express it outwardly.”
  • “Twitter just being Twitter.”
  • “It’s a hobby for you, but it’s a job to the idols. How is the comparing the same thing you losers.”
  • “They’re just saying he could have worded it better. I understand both sides.”
  • “People on Twitter really have everything except a brain.”

Most recently, Hanse took to his Instagram stories to respond to the situation.

| Instagram

“Just overnight, I became a whistleblower, exposer, and emotional appealer, but I’ve happily completed my team activities, and my job satisfaction during promotions was very high. Of course, there were difficult times, too, and I was hurt a lot by it, but when I think of those times, they are precious memories. But don’t judge just because of the words I sent through the fan platform app and the screenshots that have been cropped and posted online.

I’ve said this before, but I am not generalizing anything, and I’m not saying the team I was in was like that. And even more so, I’m not complaining that it was unfair, or difficult, or hard.”

| Instagram

“There is no one these days that isn’t having a hard time. It’s just hwaiting to you and me and them. Although we live in an era of hate, and are being hated on by someone, let’s all be strong. I think we’ve all become sensitive because times are hard.

Anyway, hope everyone has a normal yet happy day. It’s Friday, so hope you all have a great weekend. Thank you.”

Third-Generation Idol’s Reasons Why Artists Don’t Always Promote On Music Shows Reveal The Shocking Costs For Performances

Source: theqoo
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