KNK’s Park Seoham To Leave The Group

He will leave the group.

It was recently announced on September 30, 2021, by 220 Entertainment that KNK‘s Park Seoham will be leaving the group. The company shared that they had reached the conclusion after a long discussion with him about his future.

Hello. This is 220 Entertainment. Firstly, we sincerely thank the fans who have been cheering on and treasuring KNK. After these 5 years, since 2016, Park Seoham who has been promoting as a member of KNK, will end his group promotions. The company has discussed and conversed with Park Seoham for a long time about his future path and recently, following his intentions, it was decided that he would end his time as a member of KNK.

We also wish to inform you that his exclusive contract with the company has come to an end. We deeply thank the fans who have been cheering him on all this while. KNK will continue to promote as a 4-member group with Jung Insung, Kim Jihoon, Oh Heejun and Lee Dongwon. Please cheer KNK on in the future. Thank you.

— 220 Entertainment

Park Seoham has slowly been making a name for himself as an actor, having starred in various webdramas such as Dating Class and Just One Bite.

Source: SPOTV