KNK’s Youjin Has Been Diagnosed With Panic Disorder

While Youjin focuses on recovery, KNK will continue as a four-member group.

YNB Entertainment released an official statement on KNK‘s fan site that member Youjin has been diagnosed with panic disorder and will not be able to promote with the rest of the group.

Second member from the left is KNK’s Youjin


The agency confirmed KNK will continue as a four-member group, while Youjin receives treatment.


The agency stated, “We will work together to make sure Youjin recovers quickly and fully. We apologize to Tinkerbell (fan club) members whom have been waiting for KNK’s album news. Please continue to support and love the group.”


At the news of Youjin’s diagnosis, KNK fans are showing appreciation for the agency’s decision to put Youjin’s health first, and support for the remaining members who will continue to promote the group.


Panic disorder has become increasingly common among Korean celebrities, and while treatable, it can be difficult as anxiety symptoms can interfere with daily activities. Here’s hoping Youjin will have a speedy and full recovery, and will return to the stage soon!

Source: Digital Times