“The It’s Know” Resumes Burning Sun Episode Replay Service, Addresses Ji Chang Wook’s Part

They clarified any misunderstandings.

The It’s Know had suspended the replay service for their Burning Sun episode, stating that the production is in a meeting.

The production staff is currently in a meeting. We will announce futher details after confirmation.



Some speculated that the meeting could be related to the show’s reference to actor Ji Chang Wook and his relation to the Seungri Scandal.

The replay service for this episode has since been resumed, however, and the photo of Ji Chang Wook and Madam Lin as well as the section talking about his correlation to the scandal still remains in the episode.


SBS stated that the reason for their replay service suspension was in order to strengthen the sound effects and mozaic on documents, and provided further explanation.

The VOD (replay) service was temporarily suspended as we were strengthening the sound effects and moazic on documents before uploading it. Ji Chang Wook’s original part is included in the replay episode. In case of any misunderstandings, we clarify that Ji Chang Wook’s part was not a mistake. It was used in the context of his being a public figure. The scene with Ronaldo was mistakenly blurred when CG was unnecessary and other celebrities appear in club scenes as well.



After Ji Chang Wook’s photo with Madam Lin on The It’s Know’s Burning Sun episode sparked controversy, the program released an official statement clarifying that Ji Chang Wook’s photo was used as context to show that Madam Lin was a figure who boasted her relations with Korean celebrities and that the program did not suggest that he was related to the Burning Sun scandal.

The scene showing actor Ji Chang Wook on March 23’s episode of The It’s KNow was used in context to show that Burning Sun’s global investor ‘Madam Lin’ was a figure who boasted her relations with Korean celebrities. It was not a report on Ji Chang Wook’s relation to the Burning Sun gate and nothing has been confirmed.

ㅡ The It’s Know


Meanwhile, Ji Chang Wook has denied having connections to Madam Lin.

Ji Chang Wook Denies Having Connections To Seungri Scandal Investor “Madam Lin”

Source: Spotv News

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