KONNECT Entertainment Will Be Taking Legal Action Against Malicious Comments Made Towards Kang Daniel

They will be taking strict legal action.

KONNECT Entertainment will be taking legal actions against malicious comments made against their artist, Kang Daniel.

On August 6, the company announced through their official website that they will be taking legal action against those who are posting false facts, malicious rumors, defamation, and sexually harassing comments.

They are saying that these have caused not only mental damage for Kang Daniel, but also to the fans who support Kang Daniel.

The company has stated that protection of their artists, their families, and the fans is their top priority and they will not settle for these comments to be made.

There official statement reads,

Hello. This is KONNECT Entertainment.

First, thank you for loving and supporting Kang Daniel.

This our official response to the malicious post directed towards our artist, Kang Daniel.

Recently, illegal posts such as the spreading of fake facts, sexual harssament, defamation, personal attacks, invasion of privacy, and malicious rumors have been posted to attack Kang Daniel. This has caused severe damage to the artist as well as the fans.

It is our priority to protect out artist, his family, and the fans, and we will proceed with legal action against these malicious post. Please not that we will not agree or preempt and misconduct, such as creating or distributing malicious post against our artists. We will be taking strict legal action.

Currently, we are continously conduting real-time monitory and collecting data on various online portal sites, forums, and SNS. Additionally, we have created a legal response email that will allow you to report on illegal activity. We look forward to your cooperation.

We will do our best to protect the rights of the artist.

Thank you.

– KONNECT Entertainment

Source: Naver

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