Koo Hara’s Ex-Boyfriend Reportedly Threatened Her With Sex Tape

Koo Hara finally spoke out.

After her assault scandal with her ex-boyfriend, Koo Hara has finally revealed the reason as to why she had to remain silent after the news broke out.


On the day of the incident at approximately 2:30 am, text messages show that Koo Hara was doing her best to accommodate to her ex-boyfriend despite the fact that the assault occurred on both sides.


The messages continue with Koo Hara asking for a chance to talk in person, stating that she would even bring the acquaintance that was the reason for their fight and have him kneel before him as he had asked.


The ex-boyfriend continues to make sarcastic remarks and Koo Hara continues to desperately work things out.


While her ex-boyfriend claimed that the assault was one-sided, Koo Hara had previously claimed that both parties were involved in the assault. So why was she so desperate to accommodate his requests? The answer lied in the video that the ex-boyfriend sent at 2:04 am: a sex tape.


Because of this tape, Koo Hara was doing her very best to please her boyfriend. She was even caught on camera kneeling before him in front of the elevator.


Then at 2:23 am, the ex-boyfriend sent another text message that contained yet another video, his second time threatening her.


Koo Hara confessed her feelings of desperation at the thought of what her ex-boyfriend did and would do with the videos.

“I discovered the videos on his cell phone. I was sure I erased them. It was scary. I wondered if he reported it to Dispatch. If he shared them with his friends. How about my life as an entertainer? My life as a woman…My mind was filled with thoughts.” ㅡ Koo Hara


Koo Hara tried to keep calm and first reached out to her agency and then her acquaintance to beg him to come and kneel in front of her ex-boyfriend. Her roommate had also tried to intervene by calling the ex-boyfriend. Their conversation was as follows:

“Roommate: Oppa, you know the photos and videos…
Ex-Boyfriend: Yea I have the photos and videos, so what?
Roommate: I heard you sent uhnni (Hara) the videos
Ex-Boyfriend: Yea, so? So what?
Roommate: But that’s blackmail and…
Ex-Boyfriend: Yea so go ahead and report it as blackmail. It doesn’t matter. So what?
Roommate: So is that what you want?
Ex-Boyfriend: Then why f*cking lie to me. Why did you call me!”


At 4:21 am, the ex-boyfriend sent his second message to Dispatch, notifying that he had pictures and videos to share.


In an interview with Dispatch, Koo Hara reportedly held back her tears as she explained that she decided to give up in trying to prove herself because of the video he had in his hands.

“He revealed the scars on his face. I wanted to make it right. Because it wasn’t a one-sided assault. But he (ex-boyfriend) even denied the (gynecologist’s) diagnosis. Saying that I often had bloody discharge…I didn’t want to dispute it any longer. I thought it be best not to anger him more. Because he had the videos. I thought it would be better to put an end to the issue through my lawyer. But…” ㅡ Koo Hara


Despite Koo Hara’s desire and attempt to put an end to things, her ex-boyfriend has now accused her of defamation of character and does not seem like he will be backing down any time soon.

“We received the statement requesting an agreement but my client’s answer is still the same. We are putting importance on recovering my client’s character more than anything else.” ㅡ Ex-Boyfriend’s Attorney


Koo Hara has admitted her faults and is prepared to receive the appropriate punishment. However, she has spoken up in order to bring to light all the facts so that no one is misunderstood.

“He threatened me with the videos. To a female entertainer, would there be anyting more scary than this? I admit the injuries I made. I will receive the punishment. But how about the injuries he gave me? He is a blackmailer.” ㅡ Koo Hara

Source: Dispatch