KORAIL Fires The Employee Who Invaded BTS RM’s Privacy

The case is closed.

BTS‘s RM previously had his privacy invaded when a KORAIL employee was found to have accessed his private information, including his phone number, registered address, and more.

On March 29, 2023, it was reported by EDaily that KORAIL had decided to fire the employee. Although the inspection board had originally requested a suspension, the case ended with a strong punishment. The backend staff was fired for violating the duty of maintaining their responsibilities at work.

I simply looked at it because I was curious. I am reflecting on my mistakes.

— KORAIL Employee “A”

Their crime was considered serious since they had accessed the data consistently for three years since 2019. They had accessed the information 18 times, mining personal information such as his ticket and seat, phone number, address, and more. At times, they accessed the information to satisfy the curiosity of their colleague.

The perpetrator admitted to having “accessed RM’s reservation information to go see him in real life” and “told their friend which seat RM was at, so they could reserve a nearby seat.” KORAIL stated that their former employee was a fan and had only done so out of curiosity.

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KORAIL Employee Abuses Their Authority, Looking Up BTS RM’s Phone Number And Address In Their Database

Source: Edaily