Korea Army Headquarters Responds To Accusations Against Im Siwan Regarding Preferential Treatment

They made a statement.

The Korea Army Headquarters has also released a statement in regards to the controversy surrounding Im Siwan and preferential treatment in the military.

Siwan had been drawing unwanted attention from critics after it was revealed that he took 123 vacation days while serving in the military.


Having been accused of using his celebrity status to gain preferential treatment, his agency responded by clarifying that he did not receive any unfair favors.

It is true that he has received more vacation days than the typical soldier, but we would like to inform you that he did not receive any unfair favors beyond what is allowed by the military.

– Im Siwan’s agency


The Korea Army Headquarters further confirmed that Im Siwan did not receive any unfair benefits in relation to his vacation days.

There were no unfair benefits in relation to the number of Im Siwan’s vacation days. The other soldiers who are not celebrities also received vacation days based on the same standards.

ㅡ Public Affairs Office, Army Headquarters

Source: Osen