Korea Entertainment Management Association Will Not Take Cyber Bullying Lightly

The association will enforce strong legal actions towards those posting malicious comments.

The Korean Entertainment Management Association has announced that they will be taking firm action towards malicious comments posted online.

The association issued a statement on October 16 that stated,


First of all, we would like to express our deepest condolences. We hope that she may rest in peace.


The statement continued,

It has come to our attention that following the rapid development of the Internet environment, cyber language has become damaging to public celebrity figures in terms of mental health. As this is becoming a social problem, we will be taking very strong actions in order to protect companies and their artists.

Last June, the Korean Entertainment Management Association held a campaign for using proper language on the internet in collaboration with the Korea Content Agency. The campaign, however, was unsuccessful as it ended without much progress.


The association emphasized,

We will not take cyber bullying lightly. We will refer to investigative agencies and take proper legal action to netizens who make malicious comments. We will also continue to inquire and petition to the government regarding this matter.

The Korean entertainment industry has been in a state of grief after the sudden news of Sulli’s passing. Petitions and messages have been posted to try and change laws in revealing legal names online in order to prevent malicious comments from being written.

It was also reported that Sulli had also continuously requested for action on hate comments to her agency.

The entertainment industry and fans are joining together during this hard time to make sure that another tragedy does not happen.

Source: kbs news