Korean Citizens Start National Petition To Have Netizens Use Legal Names In Response To Sulli’s Passing

Korean citizens are taking action to stop more tragic events.

Korean citizens have begun opening petitions after the devastating news of former singer and actress Sulli. It was revealed that she had suffered from depression due to numerous amounts of hate comments from unknown users online.


One day after the tragic news, petitions were seen online through Korea’s national petition website.

The petition was titled, We demand severe punishment to those who left hate comments that led to f(x) Sulli’s death.

The description of the petition read,


We demand severe punishment to those who left hate comments that ultimately led to Sulli’s death. Others like Jonghyun have suffered from these hate comments which resulted in horrible decisions. If the law isn’t changed, more events like this may happen. Please revise the law so that those who leave hate comments may receive severe punishment.


Sulli took a hiatus from the entertainment industry in 2014 due to hate comments and rumors. She also left SM Entertainment’s girl group f(x) as well. In 2018, she revealed through a TV show that she suffered from sociophobia and panic disorder.

Another petition was started in hopes of changing the law so that all internet users’ real names would be revealed. The petition description stated that revealing the real name of the user on the internet was essential in protecting the rights of others.

On October 14, Sulli was confirmed to have passed at her Seongnam house.

Sulli's Passing