South Korea Fires Around 100 Shots At North Korean Drones Violating Its Airspace

A South Korean warplane crashed in the process.

On December 26, North Korea flew several drones across its borders with South Korea, which South Korean military officials described as “a clear act of provocation.”

South Korean military official speaking at a briefing | Yonhap News

A total of five “unmanned aerial vehicles” were detected. One of them reached the Northern part of Seoul before returning back to North Korea, while the whereabouts of the other drones were unknown.

A drone used in the military | Yonhap News

South Korea fired warning shots before sending their jets and helicopters up to shoot down the drones. However, South Korean media reported that the efforts, including over 100 shots fired, failed to bring the drones down.

South Koreans watching the latest developments on the news | Yonhap News

KBS News shared a video showing military fighter jets and helicopters flying in the sky during the operation.

A South Korean warplane involved in the operation crashed East of Seoul, after taking off in Wonju. Fortunately, the two pilots are said to have no serious injuries, and no damages to civilian homes were reported.

Firefighters on scene at the crash of a South Korean fighter jet | Yonhap News

Military efforts are currently ongoing, with an official commenting, “Our military will continue to respond thoroughly and resolutely to North Korea’s provocations.”

Source: imaeil and BBC