Korea’s “First Offline Concert Since The Pandemic” Turns Into Absolute Chaos… With K-Pop Fans Breaking The Rules For Idol Performances

“We, the fans, are clearly not ready for anything offline yet…”

On October 31, the 2020 Korea Music Drive-in Festival (KMDF) — dubbed South Korea’s first offline concert since the pandemic — hosted its first of the two-days line-up.

KMDF promotional material. | KMDF

Amid all concerts turning to online venues for “contactless” performances, KMDF got creative and chose to bring the same offline experience — only, as a “drive-in” with the audience in their cars!


The idea attracted many K-Pop fans who have been longing for a “real live” performance of their bias groups, for as long as the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic restrictions have impacted the industry.

The venue during Golden Child’s performance. | Seokyung Star

Unfortunately, KMDF turned out to be a lot more chaotic and dangerous than just “people watching performances in their cars.” For certain idol group appearances, some irresponsible K-Pop fans decided to leave their cars…

… and to crowd in front of the stage for an up-close view.

K-Pop fans leaving their cars to crowd the front row. | THEQOO

For f*ck’s sake… LMAO. This “offline” concert has driven all the K-Pop fans INSANE. I know it has been a whole year, but… these people are running toward the stage. Area C looks legitimately like a standing area at a concert venue. And they’re playing hide-and-seek with the security guards.

— Twitter @furring0419

Breaking all the rules of social distancing, these K-Pop fans also became as aggressive as stepping over their cars to “take better pictures“.

This alleged “fansite” photographer ignoring people who are asking her to step down from the car. | Newsen

The rest of the KMDF audience ended up sharing shocked and disgusted tweets from the event — capturing the “madness” that had taken over these K-Pop “fans“.

| @skfjvjemalq1/Twitter

One pointed out, “This is not fan behavior — do these people know how negatively their actions will impact their biases’ reputations?

“Fans” crowding in front of the stage during (G)I-DLE’s performance. | OSEN

At one point, the concert had to come to a halt — to get the rule-breakers back into their cars. Some also worried that “the amount of sheer stupidity displayed at KMDF day one” will only show event coordinators that “we, the fans, are clearly not ready for anything offline yet.”

Meanwhile, some owners whose cars got damaged in the process have come forward — sharing pictures that tell simply how chaotic the event had been.

Car damaged during KMDF. | @gc0211/Twitter

WHAT WERE THE KMDF SECURITY GUARDS DOING? Why weren’t they getting the situation under control?… Do you see all those people in the front? It was announced NOT to move cars… but someone INSISTED they have to drive closer. They ended up scratching the f*ck out of my car…

— Twitter @gc0211

The hosts of KMDF is yet to respond to the disorder that broke out during the first night of the concert.

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