Korean Gender War Continues As The Soldier Who Initially Revealed The Sarcastic Letters Received From Female Students Is Punished

The soldier’s current state was shared.

It was previously reported that South Korea was thrown into a gender war recently after it was revealed that a Korean all-girls’ high school had sent sarcastic, mocking letters to soldiers. Back in December 30 2021, Jin Myung Girls High School offered their students the opportunity to write letters to soldiers who are completing their mandatory military service in exchange for an hour of community service credit. While the high school attempted to create a thoughtful and encouraging act for the men serving in the military, the situation quickly went south when it was revealed that a few of the female students sent sarcastic letters filled with mockery and sarcasm.

To Mr. Soldier,

Hello, this is Jin Myung Girls High School.
Thank you for your service even in the cold weather.

Is your military service difficult? Nevertheless, I hope you live diligently:)

There are a lot of hardships that one has to face in their lifetime, so don’t you think you need to get over this [military service] to be considered a real man?
I had to participate in this stupid community service even though I’m f*cked as a senior in high school, so you should be working hard too.

[Slashed through] There’s a song in the army that they sing about being ‘born as a man blah blah (I was told to erase this part).

Anyways, fighting~ It’s cold so if it snows, be sure to work hard to clear it:)*

— Jin Myung Girls High School student

It was recently continued on January 14, 2022, that the soldier who had uploaded the initial letter had been punished. As the Korean military does not allow soldiers to take any photos what so ever on camp, it was considered a wrongdoing to have taken the photo of the letter. Soldiers are allowed to apply for leave apart from national holidays using their leave days but he received restrictions placed on his leave.

| theqoo

The soldier that took the photo of the letter from Jin Myung Girls’ High and uploaded it ultimately got restrictions placed on him for his leaves. They were going to open a punishment committee but then the matter would blow up and if they gave him official punishment, it would become a controversy, so they just restricted his leaving the camp, sleeping outside camp and leaves apart from the official regular leaves and ended it there. Instead, they said if he removes the sticker on his camera once more, then he will be officially punished.

— Anon

Some believe that they were punishing a victim of the mockery while others believed that he had been rightfully punished for publicizing the matter and endangering the students of the high school. Students from the high school have been facing threat and internet bullying after the matter was blown up.

Stay tuned for more updates on the situation.

Source: theqoo