Korea’s Hottest Reality Dating Show Star Goes On A Date With A Woman From Another Dating Show

It was a crossover moment nobody expected.

ENA and SBS Plus‘s I Am Solo season 16 is currently one of the hottest reality dating shows in Korea. Recently, one of the participants gained attention by revealing his connection with a woman from a different reality dating show.

Sang Cheol from “I Am Solo” Season 16 | @sapsaree_kang/Instagram

I Am Solo is a Korean reality dating show where single men and women spend four nights and five days together to find love. They go by pseudonyms and reveal their real names in the final episode when they choose their match. The current season is a “divorced singles” special where all the participants are divorced or widowed singles. This season is the most popular season of the show yet because of the drama among participants both on and off screen.

Sang Cheol (left) and Young Suk (right) from “I Am Solo” Season 16 | ENA and SBS Plus

One of the participants who is getting a lot of attention on the show is Sang Cheol (a pseudonym). Having grown up in America, Sang Cheol works at the aircraft company Boeing Co. and currently resides in Seattle. He flew to Korea to find his partner with the hopes that she would move to the United States with him.

| ENA and SBS Plus

Sang Cheol created buzz because of his love triangle with Young Suk and Young Ja (both pseudonyms) on the show.

Sang Cheol (left) and Young Ja (right) from “I Am Solo” Season 16 | ENA and SBS Plus

Recently, on October 4, Sang Cheol posted several photos and videos on his Instagram story. He posted a picture of himself looking at a hyena at a zoo with the caption, “Eye contact with a hyena?

| @sapsaree_kang/Instagram

However, it wasn’t the hyena that caught the netizens’ attention. It was the account that he tagged in the post. The tagged account belonged to Byun Hye Jin, who appeared in last year’s season of Love After Divorce on MBN.

Byun Hye Jin | @bbyunhj/Instagram

Earlier, through various online communities, netizens posted photos of Sang Cheol with Sun Ja from season 15 of I Am Solo after witnessing the two of them together. He was also seen with Byun Hye Jin, creating buzz.

Sang Cheol captured with Season 16’s Sun Ja | 알고보니/YouTube

Netizens reacted with various comments, such as “I wonder who Sang Cheol matched with [on the show],” and “How does he meet participants from other programs?” Some were confused why he was seen with these women rather than Young Suk.

Whether his relationship with Byun Hye Jin is romantic or platonic, Sang Cheol appeared to have met her somehow, and the two of them became close enough to enjoy a date at the zoo together.

“I Am Solo” poster | Netflix

The final episode of I Am Solo Season 16 was released on October 4, where the participants chose their final picks.

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