Korea Music Association Committee Member Severely Criticizes Belift Lab’s Recent Video Attempt To Clear ILLIT Of Plagiarism Allegations

“…if they had the least bit of consideration for the artists…”

An official committee member of the Korean Music Association and music critic Jung Min Jae has stepped up to give his two cents about Belift Lab‘s latest attempt to clear ILLIT of plagiarism accusations. On June 10, 2024, Belift Lab uploaded a video to their YouTube channel, trying to denounce the claims made against ILLIT. Not only that, they also tried to accuse NewJeans of plagiarizing other groups.

BELIFT LAB Makes Desperate Attempt At Clearing ILLIT’s Plagiarism Allegations And Attacks NewJeans In “Bizarre” Video

Jung expressed his shock at the company’s incompetence, claiming that the video only served to make the situation worse.

“No… I’m just so shocked at Belift Lab’s statement video. Instead of clarifying things, the video’s contents simply made the situation worse. I can’t see this video as anything else than a way to have a war of nerves with the public. I wonder why they’re foolishly putting their artists in a dangerous position. This is a statement they shouldn’t have put out. Through I call with Herald Economic last week, I said that they needed to patch things together on a large scale. Especially if it is true that HYBE is a music company, they need to stitch the wounds of the artists and fans of music, and move forward. Today’s video is a fatal loss of responsibility. It is a video that they could not have made if they had the least bit of consideration for the artists and fans.”

— Jung Min Jae

The video has received severely negative responses from the Korean public. Some international fans are supportive of the video as they feel that it appropriately defends ILLIT and calls out Min Hee Jin. However, most see through the video, calling it out for its cheap tactics.

You can watch the video below.

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