Korean Actor′s Victimization By False Accusation Resurfaces, Netizens Enraged

The man spent five months in jail for a crime he didn’t commit.

Korean musical actor Kang Eun Il’s story recently resurfaced and has become a topic of popular discussion online. In 2019, Kang spent five months behind the bar due to false sexual assault allegations before finally proving his innocence.

Kang Eun Il | The Korea Times

A recent episode of tvN STORY’s No Way I’m An Adult, forensic video analysis expert Dr. Hwang Min Goo, discussed the incident that actually took place in 2018. Dr. Hwang explained that in 2019, he was approached by actor Kang Eun Il’s uncle to help his nephew, who was then in jail under false sexual assault accusations.

Dr. Hwang Min Goo

In March 2018, Kang Eun Il was drinking at a restaurant with his friends, and two women were present at that place. One of the women, identified as ‘A,’ claimed that Kang had sexually assaulted her in the women’s bathroom stall. But Kang refuted the claims, saying ‘A’ was the one who grabbed him in front of the bathroom stall and threatened him for his money.

CCTV footage of Kang Eun Il at the restaurant

Dr. Hwang then explained that he feels memory is an unreliable evidence, but videos never lie. And it was with the help of the surveillance videos that he was able to uncover the truth of this case.

I am not taking anyone’s side. Sometimes you might remember things differently than what is recorded on footage…As you keep thinking, sometimes you start to believe that a certain event happened, even though it never did. I don’t trust memories. But videos always tell you the truth.

During the first trial of the case, Kang was sentenced to six months in prison based on the accuser’s testimony. But thankfully for Kang, the entire incident was recorded by the restaurant’s CCTV camera, which Dr. Hwang analyzed closely to prove his innocence.

According to his explanation, the bathroom of that restaurant had only one entrance, with the women’s and men’s stalls separated across from one another. The sink area is in the middle of the stalls. Though there were no surveillance cameras inside the bathroom, there was one pointed at the bathroom entrance, and the entrance door had a vent as well.

The layout of the washroom

On the video, ‘A’ could be seen following Kang into the bathroom, and from the vent, it was visible that Kang went to the men’s stall while ‘A’ went to the women’s stall. There wasn’t any movement for a while until the door of the women’s stall opened, and ‘A’ walked out.

Dr. Hwang explained that if Kang had gone into the women’s stall, as claimed by ‘A,’ the video would have caught his feet moving towards it, and the door of the stall should have opened. But after ‘A’ going in there, there is no one walking into the same stall, and the door only opened again when ‘A’ walked out. If the entrance door didn’t have vents, Kang would have definitely been incriminated in the case.

The vent at the bottom of the door that saved Kang Eun Il

Thanks to Dr. Hwang’s analysis, Kang was proved innocent and released from prison. But the incident took a huge toll on his life as he was expelled from his agency and lost all his endorsement deals. But since 2020, after being acquitted of the charges, he has been steadily building his life back.

With the show bringing back this incident to popular attention, netizens expressed their anger at both the false accusations and the fact that the legal system failed to protect an innocent.

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  • “The woman who accused him should be sentenced to jail as well for her false accusation.”
  • “As a woman myself, I think people like her should be given sentences three times harsher than the one he had to serve. She ruined his life intentionally. I hope Kang Eun Il-ssi gets financial compensation out of her.”
  • “So what happened at the initial trial? They accepted her testimony with no further evidence and just stole his life away from him? Even though he’s out free now, this will follow his image forever. Shouldn’t the judge and the woman suffer the same consequences that he had to?”
  • “He can now sue her for false accusation and do not settle.”
  • “Even without the CCTV evidence… how was he arrested and imprisoned over no evidence? What was her evidence? Her mouth?”