Korean Actress Addresses Her School Bullying Controversy While Discussing Her New Movie

She was firm in her statement.

Actress Park Hye Su, who has been accused of school violence, spoke officially on stage for the first time in a year.

Actress Park Hye Su | @hyesuuuuuya/Instagram

In February 2021, claimants who asserted to be victims of school violence argued that Park Hye Su had committed violence, such as taking money from nearby school students or hitting them in the face. However, Dispatch revealed a series of text messages that showed the bullying accusations against the actress were false, as the two accusers were Park Hye Su’s friends during middle school.

Top: Park Hye Su with “A” on a study vacation. Bottom: Park Hye Su with “B” in a karaoke room. | Dispatch

Park Hye Su denied the allegations at the time, stating that the claimant had harassed her. However, her scheduled broadcasts and appearances were canceled due to the controversy, and she temporarily suspended all activities.

On October 10, the press preview of the movie The Dream Songs took place at CGV Yongsan I’Park Mall in Seoul. Director Cho Hyun Chul, Park Hye Su, and actress Kim Si Eun attended the event.

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On this day, Park Hye Su addressed the bullying allegations from 2021. Her agency, Ghost Studio, released a statement the day before the press preview stating that they had recently filed a lawsuit because she was defamed by misinformation.

Investigators have sent the case to prosecutors after finding that the defendant used misinformation to defame (the actress) significantly. Investigators are currently further investigating the defendant.

— Ghost Studio

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During the press preview, Park Hye Su mentioned her agency and that she had been working hard to correct the false information that spread in 2021.

I’m aware that yesterday, my agency has informed you about the situation that has been going on… I think many of you have been curious, and I have been making efforts for a long time to correct the falsehoods. Although the investigation is still ongoing, there will be no change in my stance, and I will continue to make efforts until the end.

— Park Hye Su

Park Hye Su in “The Dream Songs” | FILMYOUNG

She apologized for bringing up this topic during a press conference for the movie and encouraged the audience to talk about the film.

Today, we gathered for the movie The Dream Songs, and I am grateful and sorry to talk about my side of the story like this… I’m curious about what you thought of the movie. If you could share your thoughts on the movie, I would appreciate it.

— Park Hye Su

Poster for “The Dream Songs” | FILMYOUNG

Ghost Studio said that they are in the process of delivering the lawsuit against the person who raised the school violence allegations and added that the delivery of the lawsuit is delayed due to the unknown residence of the defendant.

This wasn’t the first time Park Hye Su addressed the bullying accusations. Last year, she attended the 27th Busan International Film Festival in October and participated in a Q&A session. She stated that she is “not running away from the situation” and is “doing [her] best to clear it up.

Park Hye Su Addresses Bullying Accusations During An Audience Q&A

Park Hye Su became known to the public through the survival program K-Pop Star 4 as a contestant. She became an actress and rose to fame for her roles in Hello, My Twenties (2016) and her first lead role in Introverted Boss (2017).

Source: Xsports News and My Daily