Korean Actress Calls Out Media For Reporting She Had Debuted In A Japanese Adult Magazine

“Why do I have to suffer like this?”

Actress Ha Yeon Soo, who is currently living in Japan, denied reports that she debuted in an adult magazine.

Ha Yeon Soo | Dailian

On April 26, the actress posted to her Instagram a scathing response to earlier reports stating she had a recent photoshoot with a Gravure magazine. Gravure magazines, in Korea, refer to Japanese adult magazines that usually feature women in bikinis or semi-nude.

Although I feel that my country’s own press is the most adversarial, since I still need to eat, I am writing a few words after eating a lot and resting well.

Young Magazine and several other comic magazines (in Japan) sometimes have actors, announcers, and idols appear for 3-4 pages. Yet you say that I made a Gravure (adult magazine) debut without proper explanation. It feels like the Korean press, which I liken to a photo album, and uses the most provocative headlines, wants me to kill myself.

Due to your article, I was hurt for about a day. I, myself, didn’t like the term Gravure, but in Japan, the term is also used for pictures taken with your clothes on.

Along with the photoshoot, I also interviewed with the magazine for about forty minutes, but you didn’t mention that part and only focused on the pictures, which was misleading. The reason behind the photoshoot isn’t for the type of debut that media outlets were hoping for (Young magazine, I believe, said my charms were overwhelming, among other nice things).

When I participated in a fashion show in Japan last year, you guys didn’t write any articles about it, but you guys (writing about this) are so predictable (I actually made my official debut in the fashion show). I will soon be appearing in a beauty magazine, so please write articles about that too!

Also, I never said I was happy that I shot for an adult magazine, so why do I have to suffer like this? I am requesting that you guys fix your titles, although I know you won’t do it.

— Ha Yeon Soo

Previously, it was reported that Ha Yeon Soo had made her debut in a Gravure magazine.

Ha Yeon Soo’s alleged “Gravure” photoshoot |


Ha Yeon Soo’s alleged “Gravure” photoshoot |

According to an SBS report, Japanese magazine Kodansha‘s YouTube channel uploaded a video of Ha Yeon Soo and titled it “Popular Korean Actress Ha Yeon Soo’s First Gravure With YM.” The video introduces Ha Yeon Soo as a “Popular Korean actress who starred in many movies and dramas appears in her first Gravure since promoting in Japan.

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Source: wikitree and sbs news
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