The Korean Actress Gaining Attention For Her Uncanny Resemblance To Han So Hee And ITZY’s Ryujin

New pictures are truly mindboggling for Korean netizens!

Although the worlds of K-Drama and K-Pop seem completely different, they sometimes collide in the best ways. One of the best is the fact that netizens can’t get over how similar actress Han So Hee and ITZY‘s Ryujin look.

Actress Han So Hee | @xeesoxee/Instagram
ITZY’s Ryujin |

When the similarities were first noticed, there were posts comparing the two stars on their appearances, highlighting their flawless features that are often compared to cat-like characteristics.

ITZY’s Ryujin at the AAA Awards
Han So Hee at the AAA Awards

Well, it seems like there is a new addition to the combination, as netizens have noticed an actress who netizens believe looks like both Han So Hee and ITZY’s Ryujin, and it’s none other than actress Kim Ji Eun.

Actress Kim Ji Eun | @jk_ieun/Instagram

Alongside iconic roles, the actress has more recently, she has gained attention for her role in the K-Drama One Dollar, Lawyer. Aside from her acting, Kim Ji Eun’s visuals are truly spectacular.

| @jk_ieun/Instagram

In a recent forum, netizens shared pictures of the actress and it is clear that the resemblance is there. Kim Ji Eun also shares the cat-like features both Han So Hee and Ryujin are known for. From a distance, it is easy to confuse who the pictures are of.

| @jk_ieun/Instagram
| @jk_ieun/Instagram
| @jk_ieun/Instagram 

In particular, three photos of the stars wearing masks definitely seemed to make fans confused AF as the eyes and features almost seem identical.

ITZY’s Ryujin | theqoo
Han So Hee | theqoo
Kim Ji Eun | theqoo

When the pictures were released, Korean netizens couldn’t get over the similarities between the three stars. In particular, most of them saw a familial resemblance but emphasized the similarities between Kim Ji Eun and Ryujin.

  • “I’d believe it if they said that Han So Hee and Ryujin are cousins and Ryujin and Kim Jieun are sisters.”
  • “Is Kim Jieun the main actress in ‘One Dollar Lawyer’? I was shocked while watching the drama because she looked so much like Ryujin.”
  • “Ryujin and Kim Jieun look so much alike.”
  • “If you mix Han So Hee and Kim Jieun, you get Shin Ryujin.”
  • “Kim Jieun and Ryujin really look similar.”
  • “They seriously look so similar it gets confusing.”

It isn’t surprising that netizens are so shook and, particularly the resemblance to Ryujin is uncanny, especially when comparing the two when they have short hair.

You can read more about Ryujin going viral for looking like Han So Hee below.

Actress Han So Hee Goes Viral for Looking Just Like ITZY’s Ryujin

Source: Wikitree and theqoo


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