Korean Actress Who Made The Priciest Real Estate Purchase Of 2022 In Seoul

She’s a mogul at this point.

A top actress in South Korea recently made headlines across financial media reports for her extravagant real estate purchase.

Jun Ji Hyun, often called one of the original “it girls” of South Korea, has been revealed to have made the most expensive real estate purchase in Seoul in 2022. The actress reportedly bought an apartment in Acro Seoul Forest, Seongsu-dong, one of the residential and commercial high-rises in the city.

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The place she bought is a penthouse apartment located on the 47th floor, which is the topmost floor of Acro Seoul Forest. The house is said to cover 264 sq meters of area and cost Jun Ji Hyun a whopping ₩13.0 billion KRW (about $9.82 million USD). She bought this property jointly with her husband, Choi Jun Hyuk.

Jun Ji Hyun’s husband Choi Jun Hyuk | JTBC

The couple reportedly made the purchase in cash. Jun Ji Hyun owns around 92.3% of the property, while her husband owns the rest. The sale has garnered much attention in real estate because ₩13.0 billion KRW (about $9.82 million USD) was the highest selling price for an apartment in Seoul in 2022.

Acro Seoul Forest | CTBUH

This is, however, not Jun Ji Hyun’s first head-turning real estate investment. Her previous purchases include another residential apartment in Samsung-dong I-Park that she bought in 2005. She has also made commercial real estate purchases, including a two-story building in Ichon-dong, Yongasan-gu; a two-story building in Gangnam-gu; and a three-story building in Deungchon-dong, Gangseo-gu. The Yongan building is home to a Starbucks, while the Gangseo one houses an electronics appliance store.

The Starbucks building in Ichon-dong | Google Images

The total value of all the real estate owned by the actress is estimated to be at least ₩140 billion KRW (about $106 million USD).

Source: YTN