Korean Actress Praised For Dedicating Her Acceptance Speech To A Staff Member Who Passed On In The Itaewon Disaster


Korean actress Moon So Ri has recently gained attention and praise. During her acceptance speech at the recent Blue Dragon Film Awards, she dedicated her speech to a special staff member who worked for her. The staff member had passed away during the tragic Itaewon Human Crush incident that took place in October 2022.

She expressed her regret for not having been able to mention his name in speeches earlier on in her career when he was still alive.

To Ahn Ji Ho, who worked for me, always carrying a heavy bag of clothes. I’m so thankful, and I love you. Not too long ago, on October 29, 2022, you couldn’t breathe and ascended to heaven. I still can’t believe it, but it hurts me so much that I couldn’t mention your name in such ceremonies [before]. My mourning for you won’t end here. I hope that the truth will be revealed and those responsible will be punished, and after that, I’ll mourn for you even more. Ji Ho, I love you.

— Moon So Ri

Netizens praised her for taking the courage to say what many couldn’t publicly. Many citizens blame the government for the Itaewon Human Crush, citing mismanagement of staff, such as police, in managing the human traffic flow.

| theqoo

  • “This is what an actor’s fame should be used for.”
  • “I’m crying.”
  • “So cool. I’m cheering you on, actress Moon So Ri!!”

Others expressed their worry for her career after her indirect shade.

Moon So Ri has acted in numerous works, including Little Forest and Seoul Vibe.

Source: theqoo