Korean Actress Got Terrorized Online for a Message She Shared Regarding the Coronavirus Outbreak

It was one word in particular that sparked online criticism.

Korean actress Park Ha Na recently shared a concerned message to fans regarding the coronavirus, but she was hit with unexpected backlash for certain a word she used in her message.


In a recent Instagram post, the actress posted a beautiful selfie of herself along with a caption that revealed her efforts to stay healthy so that the people around her can stay healthy as well.

I feel like I have to get stronger so that I won’t harm other people around me, so I’m making sure to take all of my vitamins.

– Park Ha Na

She also addressed the people who are working in difficult environments due to the virus outbreak and wished everyone the best.

I know there are many people working in difficult environments besides us, so please stay healthy and stay strong! We can overcome this! We will!

– Park Ha Na

The message was shared with good intent and many fans appreciated her wishes, but other netizens were quick to point out the “inappropriateness” of a word she used in the first sentence.

Park Ha Na started off her message with, “Let’s all work hard to overcome this difficult time of our lives, which is very much like a calamity.

The word that netizens found inappropriate was “calamity”, and the reason is that that word is often used by far-right media sites to criticize President Moon Jae In (Moon Calamity).

As a result, netizens are split between the opinions “Who cares?” and “That was inappropriate“.

Park Ha Na turned her Instagram account to private following the controversy.

Source: Insight