Korean Actress’s Swimsuit Picture Causes Controversy For Being Too “Risqué,” She Hits Back With The Perfect Reply

Her logic was simple yet bold.

Actress Hwang Seung Eon, who is currently best known for her role in the NSFW K-Drama XX with EXID‘s Hani, recently became the source of controversy over a single Instagram picture.

Hwang Seung Eon

On April 4, the actress posted a series of pictures from her recent vacation in Hong Kong. Hwang shared some candid moments from her trip, showing the view from her room,  some OOTD snaps that showed off her enviable body, and fun moments of herself enjoying the hotel pool.

| @hwangseungun/Instagram
| @hwangseungun/Instagram
| @hwangseungun/Instagram
| @hwangseungun/Instagram

The comments under Hwang’s post are as varied as the compilation of pictures and videos she posted from her vacation. While some praised her fit body, others were daydreaming in the comments about taking their own vacation.

But one particular picture from the carousel attracted mixed reactions from netizens. The eighth photo posted by Hwang was a selfie of the actress in a purple swimsuit and a pink plaid sun hat. But some people took a problem with the fact that her nipples were visible through her wet suit.

| @hwangseungun/Instagram

Some netizens commented asking if she is okay with posting that particular picture, and Hwang actually replied to one of the comments saying men pose naked in pools all the time, so she doesn’t see why her picture might be a concern.

| Nate Pann
  • “Are you okay with the 8th picture…?”
    -“Of course! Men are almost all naked in pools, but is that problematic? I know that your comment comes from a place of concern because you care about me. I’m always grateful. Everyone, have a good day 💖”

    -“I’m rooting for you 💖”

Soon, the topic became a hot issue for discussion on blogging forums, with most voicing their opinions supporting the actress.

| Nate Pann
  • “She’s okay with it, so what’s the issue…??”
  • “What’s the big deal about nipples? If you’re in the States, people all wear thinly layered t-shirts.”
  • “F*ck, you can barely see anything, what’s the big deal…”
  • “It’s not like she’s exposing her genitals, if you looked at models on fashion runways, they all have revealing clothing and so many people are doing no-bra outside lately, and her breasts don’t look voluminous and they’re pretty ㅜ. I don’t see a single thing that’s uncomfortable here.”
  • “Me too, I was shocked when I first saw pictures like these, but if you think about US dramas from the past and runways, it’s nothing.”

Apart from XX, Hwang Seung Eon is best known for her roles in dramas like Let’s Eat 2 When I Was The Most Beautiful, and Alice.

Source: Nate Pann
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