Where Is She Now? — Korean Actress Who Wiped Out Her Life In Seoul After Husband’s Involvement In “Burning Sun”

This is what her situation is right now.

In 2019, when the “Burning Sun Scandal” broke out, the entire Korean entertainment industry was left in shock. The entertainment and sex scandal exposed many celebrities, businessmen, and even police officials for engaging in sex crimes in various degrees and capacities.

While some celebrities were hit with direct accusations, some suffered due to passive association with the scandal. One such person was actress Park Han Byul, who went completely under the radar after 2019.

Park Han Byul

Park married Yoo In Seok, the former CEO of Yuri Holdings, in 2017, and the two have two children together. In 2019, Yoo In Seok became embroiled in the “Burning Sun” scandal and was accused of embezzlement, prostitution mediation, violation of the Food Sanitation Act, and violation of the law on aggravated punishment of certain economic crimes.

Yoo In Seok | Issue Bank

After the scandal broke, Park had to halt all her activities as an actress. She reportedly sold all her property in Seoul and settled in Jeju with her husband and children.

Despite taking a sabbath from her acting career, Park is actually active as a YouTuber and even runs a café on Jeju Island. On her channel, she posts lifestyle content regularly, giving people glimpses of her current situation.

On October 16, Park posted a video on her channel where she answered 100 questions about herself that were sent by viewers. One of those questions asked where she spends the most when she has extra money for indulgence. In response, Park revealed that her business doesn’t make her much money to allow such luxuries of late.


| @hana.byul.e/YouTube
| @hana.byul.e/YouTube

Park mentioned that she finds business calculations and balancing her finances the most difficult. Her business hasn’t fared well in recent times, but the actress said, “If I had money, I’d use it on food.”

| @hana.byul.e/YouTube
| @hana.byul.e/YouTube
| @hana.byul.e/YouTube

She added that if she had ₩1.00 million KRW (about $738 USD), she would give it to her mother as an allowance. (13:41). Park revealed that her mother helps her run the café diligently, but she can’t pay her a salary. So, if she does get that kind of money, she would want her mother to have it.

| @hana.byul.e/YouTube
| @hana.byul.e/YouTube

Though it looks like Park has been able to rebuild a life for herself and her family away from Seoul, her financial situation is probably not as affluent as before. When the scandal was at its peak, she was also criticized along with her husband and had to issue a statement of apology. But the public’s sympathy seems to have swayed in her favor now, given that most of the comments under the video praised her for her honesty and charm.

| @hana.byul.e/YouTube
  • “It’s so nice to see Ms. Han Byul showing her charms even more. I’m cheering for you 🙏👍🍀”
  • “100 points for your charms ❤️ I want to see you in a movie or a drama soon.”
  • “You’re dripping in charm 👍🫶🌿💐. Unnie is good at so many things!!! Finances are not that important🙈 hehe. I keep thinking about Starly a lot ~ I enjoyed the video today as well and will look forward (to more) again.”
  • “Back in the day, you were really my ideal type. It was nice to get an update 😂. I hope everything you do goes well 🎉.”
  • “As always, Park Han Byul-nim is made with one spoonful of beauty with another spoonful of charm added❤️😊😊. I will wait for the next video ^^”

Meanwhile, Park Han Byul debuted as an actress in 2003 with the horror film Wishing Stairs. She has since appeared in multiple TV dramas like Oh! My Lady, A Girl Who Sees Smells, and Love In Sadness, as well as in movies such as My Black Mini Dress and Bunshinsaba 2.