A Korean American Participant In A Korean Dating Reality Show Shocks Everyone With Her Impressive Resume

Her divorce story shocked everyone, too.

Recently, the new season of MBN‘s Love After Divorce introduced participants ready to fall in love. One participant with an impressive resumé surprised everyone in more ways than one.

On July 23, MBN aired its first episode of the fourth season of Love After DivorceLove After Divorce is a popular dating show in which a group of divorcees lives with one another, hoping to fall in love. The show’s fourth season differed from the previous seasons in that all the participants were Korean Americans.

Poster for “Love After Divorce 4” | MBN

On August 6, the third episode revealed the participants’ profession, and one female participant named Sora impressed everyone with her resumé.


Sora revealed that she has always worked between entertainment and tech and currently works at TikTok in product strategy and go-to-market department. She leads the marketing team for global products, and she provides ideas and improvements to make it easier for small business advertisers on TikTok to create ad content.


Her past work was also impressive. Sora mentioned that before TikTok, she worked at two other companies.

Before that, I worked at Meta (Facebook) for about six years… and before that, I did digital marketing for Netflix. I was in charge of the Korean launching [for Netflix], and I even chose the Korean fonts in the beginning stages.

— Sora

Sora (left) with TikToker Teejay Hughes | MBN

The other participants were impressed by her accomplishments. They were even more surprised when she shared how much she spent while working—even though it wasn’t her own money.


Before that, I worked in the advertising industry for a long time, and I spent around 1 billion USD until now for advertising—it was the company’s money.

— Sora

Jerome, a male participant and the ex-husband of famous dancer Bae Yoon Jeong, joked that spending other people’s money is the best.

Jerome (left) and another participant | MBN

Upon hearing this, another female participant, Heejin, said, “I thought you were the CEO of a company.” Sora responded, “That’s the goal,” revealing her aspirations.

Despite her impressive career, Sora’s relationship with her ex-husband was not easy. On the show, she revealed that she had been divorced for a year and a half and that the cause of her divorce was domestic violence.

We got married and lived together for six and a half years and we dated  for two years before that. In my opinion, the biggest mistake I made was getting married too young.

— Sora

| MBN 

The other participants empathized with her as she talked about the horrid things her ex-husband would do to her. When Jerome asked her if the ex-husband ever hit her, she said, “Only once,” and said most of the abuse was emotional and verbal.

Watch her tell her full divorce story here.



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Source: MBN Entertainment/YouTube and Wikitree