Korean-American Rapper Kicked Off Flight For Being “Asian With Tattoos” Reveals The Full Story

Rapper Jin Gates has revealed the reason why he was asked to leave his plane.

Korean American hip-hop artist Jin Gates has revealed more details about why JetBlue booted him from his flight.


This successful rapper and businessman was travelling to Minnesota for a show, but he was forced to cancel it after JetBlue prevented him from flying. Prior to take off, Jin Gates and his team were asked to leave the plane.


In this Instagram video, Jin Gates claimed that “JetBlue DON’T LIKE ASIAN WITH TATTOOS.”

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“Minnesota I’m sorry not my fault… @JetBlue DON’T LIKE ASIAN WITH TATTOOS. We got kicked off the plane because the flight attendant said she don’t feel safe on the plane with us…. As you can see even when I got kicked off I was still respectful.” — Jin Gates


The incident quickly went viral and led to mixed responses from netizens.

JetBlue Airlines Labelled Racist For Kicking Rapper Off Flight Because He’s “Asian with Tattoos”


Many Instagram commenters have sided with Jin Gates. They agree that he was discriminated against due to his race and tattoos.


Others, however, doubted his claims and believed there was more to the story than he let on.


Recently, Jin Gates sent a followup video to NextShark, to give more insight into the incident. He said that a flight attendant, whom he described as a “middle-aged white woman named Judith” had intentionally bumped into him several times.

“She was purposely bumping me while I was sitting in the seat. I made sure I wasn’t in the aisle. I moved all the way over, she still was bumping me.” — Jin Gates


“All I said was ‘Ma’am can you please stop bumping into me?’. Just by me saying that, asking nicely, she calls security and they have like a certain code of words that they say to get you kicked off the plane. She didn’t want us on the plane to begin with so she used those words, which is ‘I feel unsafe on the plane.’”

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The flight attendant’s supervisor and the other passengers came to Jin Gates’s defence. They insisted that he had done nothing wrong.

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“Then the supervisor stalled forever not to get us off the plane because he knew she was picking on us and she was wrong. He asked everybody sitting around us if I did anything wrong, everybody said that I did nothing wrong. They feel safe with me on the plane.” — Jin Gates


“Basically,” he said. “I had to [get off the plane] just because she didn’t like me.”

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JetBlue has issued an official statement in response to the incident.

“The decision to remove a customer from a flight is not taken lightly. In this instance, after the customer started a verbal altercation with our crewmember, our team determined the situation risked escalation during flight. The team asked the customers to deplane and their fare was refunded.”  — Jin Gates

Source: NextShark News