Korean Anti-Fans Make “Produce 48” Contestant Goto Moe Cry During Her Livestream With Disgusting Comments

“What they’re doing is criminal. This is way too cruel for an eighteen year old to handle.”

Produce 48 contestant Goto Moe faced some massive hate from her “Anti-Fans (안티팬, haters)” during her live broadcast and she ended up crying in despair. The comments left behind by these “anti-fans” are now receiving open criticism among Koreans and global fans.


Goto Moe began her live broadcast with a smile on her face. She interacted with her fans watching and shared thoughts about her activities as AKB48 and as a contestant on Produce 48.


Throughout the broadcast, however, Korean haters left nasty, sexual, and hateful comments in Korean — then later in Japanese translations, when Goto Moe didn’t understand.

  • “How big are your breasts? Your boobs. I want to see your boobs. You have my vote.”

  • “Would I be able to fit my head inside your p*ssy?”

  • “Your clitoris. Lick, lick, lick. So tasty.”

  • “Hey b*tch. Know any Korean curse words? Try saying ‘Ssibalnyeon (씨발년, bitch)’ now.”

  • “I want to rear end you. I want to rear end you.”


Even when Goto Moe burst into tears, the haters didn’t stop.

  • “Why are you crying, you shaggy little b*tch.?”

  • “Stop crying, you transgender.”

  • “Don’t come to Korea, you f*cking c*nt.”


This broadcast have triggered a lot of her fans in Korea and worldwide. Many are apologizing to Goto Moe for the behavior of these “anti-fans” and showing endless support for her endeavors in Korea.

  • “First off, I’m really sorry on behalf of all the Koreans. Please remember you have a lot more fans than you think. A lot of Produce 48 viewers hope that you’ll be able to debut. Please don’t be discouraged. If God could give me the chance, I would love to bash those haters’ skulls.”

  • “Goto Moe isn’t my pick. But I don’t think it’s normal for anyone to raid her Showroom and leave rude, gross, and sexual comment… The sh*t some people have the audacity to say behind the anonymity has killed so many celebrities. She’s only a high school student… I’m so ashamed to be Korean right now.”

  • “Can’t the Japanese girls block accounts like on Korean live broadcast platforms? She should be able to report the people who are cursing at her…”

  • “Moe, I’m so sorry… I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forget how devastated you look in this video.”

  • “This breaks my heart. I hope the people who are leaving such hateful comments there realize what they’re doing is criminal. This is way too cruel for an eighteen year old (Korean age) to handle.”
Source: YouTube and Instiz