BTS ARMY In Their 50s Found Dead In Semi-Basement Room

Rest in peace.

It was recently reported in Korean media that a Korean BTS ARMY in their 50s was found dead in their semi-basement room. They were found with their younger brother.

It was said that she worked an office job to support her younger brother who was suffering from a rare illness. She had to pay for his hospital fees, and could not bear the tough situation any longer. The two siblings decided to take extreme measures in the end.

What tugged the heartstrings of many was how they were only found 7 months after their deaths. The landlady had allowed them to pay for their rent using their deposit key money, and even when their deposit ran out, the landlady gave them much leeway. Due to the landlady not rushing them for rent, they ended up being discovered late.

The older sister was found to be a fan of BTS. Although she was over 50 years of age, she loved the group dearly. They found many photos and merchandise of the group in the house.

Many netizens have expressed their condolences for the pair. They also showed understanding for the older sister. Although many might be quick to criticize her for spending on merchandise and goods instead of food and other necessities, others knew that it would’ve brought her strength and happiness to march on.

Source: News1