Korean ARMYs Are Frustrated At Big Hit Entertainment For Their Recent Decisions

“I like BTS but I don’t like Big Hit”.

The spread of Corona19 (COVID-19) in South Korea has led to numerous companies cancelling their artists’ scheduled events, which include fan meetings and concerts.

Just last week, Big Hit Entertainment announced that they have canceled BTS‘s “MAP OF THE SOUL TOUR” in Seoul due to widespread uncertainty caused by the virus. The concert was scheduled to take place on April 11-12 and April 18-19 at Seoul’s Olympic Stadium.

Aside from being disappointed over the news, Korean ARMYs are voicing their frustration over several other of the company’s decisions.

One reason ARMYs are frustrated is because Big Hit Entertainment canceled the concert instead of postponing it.

Wouldn’t it have been more appropriate to postpone the dates than cancel them??

The company also continued selling tickets days before they made the announcement, and some fans believe they must have already made internal decisions at that point.

In addition, ARMYs are frustrated that Big Hit Entertainment did not cancel BTS’s Japanese concerts, not to mention that Japan had more concert dates to begin with than Korean ones.

If they canceled it because of the Coronavirus, they should’ve canceled their Japanese dates too.
Only four Korean concerts (that have been canceled) but 12 in Japan…

Several fans were also disappointed with the way Big Hit Entertainment worded their announcement, claiming it was written in an “arrogant” manner.

Their notice could’ve been written better as well. Something like ‘We’re sorry but promise to make it up to you at a later date’, and ARMYs would’ve been understanding.

Those who joined the official fanclub membership mainly to book tickets were especially disappointed. They claimed that the company did not listen to their complaints.

What benefits do ARMYs even earn with their memberships? No feedback at all, just ignored.

Ultimately, fans are hoping that Big Hit Entertainment will add Seoul tour dates in the foreseeable future. They may be frustrated at the company, but their love for BTS remains.

Source: Nate