Korean Beauty Supply Store Owner Attacked In Texas — Currently Being Investigated As Racially Motivated


The owner of a Korean beauty supply store was recently attacked in Houston, Texas. The store owner was on her regular shift when five women knocked over multiple wig displays. Upon asking them to leave the store, they began attacking her verbally. This later escalated into physical attack.

Asian-run beauty and hair supply stores often cater to Black consumers, which may have provoked the attack. According to the owner’s son, Mr Lee Sung Jun, they began telling his mother that “Asians should not be in the Black market“, further accusing his mother of stealing Black people’s money.

CCTV footage of attack. | Independent TV

One of the five women, a Ms Keaundra Young, allegedly punched the owner of the store eight times after a confrontation. Another woman, Ms Daquiesha Williams, scratched Lee’s face during the confrontation when he ran to help his mother. He alleges that Young almost ran him over with her car in the carpark after they made a run for it.

Young has been charged by the Harris County District Attorney’s Office with aggravated assault and has been released on bond. A court trial awaits her in June. Williams was charged with assault but has since made bail.

Owner explaining the attack. | Independent TV

The attack is now under investigation as being racially motivated. This comes amidst the stream of attacks against Asians and protests to stop Asian hate. Lee shared with media that his family believes the incident was racially motivated due to the racial slurs and words his family received from the women. His mother will also require surgery due to injuries sustained from the attack.

Lee explaining the incident. | Independent TV

Despite the attack, Lee shared that all of their customers had always been nice to the family. Another customer of the store also spoke out in support of the family, praising the owner for being a friendly and exemplary shop owner.

Customer speaking out in support. | Independent TV
Source: Independent