Korean Streamer Strips And Dances At A Middle School Without Permission And Gets Hauled Off By The Police

She was taken in by the police.

A Korean BJ (broadcast jockey) streamer has been arrested by the police on charges of trespassing. BJ Yobebi had entered a middle school without permission for a live broadcast show where she stripped her shirt and danced in front of the students.

Although the school was co-ed, the majority of the crowd that gathered were male students who are all minors. As she started her broadcast, she removed her T-shirt to reveal a tight tank top and shorts. According to the news, she had also danced provocatively in front of the students while a live stream camera was recording.

| theqoo

The incident made it to the news. SBS News reported the matter and criticized her for her actions. Not only did she misconduct herself in front of young students who were in their early teen years, but she also did not receive any permit to enter the school.


The police soon arrived on the scene, and she was hauled off on charges of trespassing. The BJ has since received an outpour of criticism from the Korean public. It was later revealed that she had gone there because it was her alma mater. She also posted an apology on her homepage, apologizing for causing an “inconvenience” to everyone.

Source: theqoo

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