Korean Boy Group Members Honey And K Test Positive For COVID-19 In Japan

The two idols are asymptomatic.

Honey and K of H5, which is a boy group comprised of Korean members who are currently active in Japan, have tested positive for COVID-19.

| @h5_official_/Instagram

H5’s agency recently took to H5’s social media to reveal that after undergoing a test for COVID-19, the two members’ results came out positive.

| @h5_official_/Instagram

The agency stated,

We’d like to sincerely apologize for inflicting harm on those who have been cheering them on. With the instruction of the medical professionals and administrative agencies, we will take good condition of their health, and we will also make efforts to prevent further infections and spread of the virus.

– HM Entertainment

It was revealed that Honey and K were infected with COVID-15 after performing in Tokyo, Japan.

HM Entertainment

But due to the reason that the two members are asymptomatic, there is a great worry about possible transmission to others.

HM Entertainment

H5 is a boy group of Korean singers and actors who are mainly active in Japan.

Source: Insight