Korean Comedian Under Massive Fire For “Sexually Harassing” Actor Lee Je Hoon On Live Radio

A “thirst comment” was deemed problematic.

Celebrating the premiere of the K-Drama Taxi Driver 2, male lead Lee Je Hoon guested on SBS’s afternoon radio program Cultwo Show.

“Taxi Driver 2” | @SBSNOW/Twitter

During the program, in response to the radio show hosts marveling over his ripped build, Lee Je Hoon explained he survived on a strict diet of beef and chicken breast protein to put the muscular look together.

Actor Lee Je Hoon as Kim Do Gi in “Taxi Driver 2.” | @SBSNOW/Twitter

While discussing his intense workout, though, comedian Lee Kyung Sil (also known as Lee Kyeong Shil) made a  “thirsty” comment which, later, became deemed problematic among Lee Je Hoon and K-Drama fans.

Comedian Lee Kyung Sil | NEWS1

In an attempt to praise Lee Je Hoon’s gorgeous figure, the comedian claimed that one could “drip water down his chest” and how that would be “holy water.”

Lee Kyung Sil (top left) and Lee Je Hoon (bottom right) on “Cultwo Show.” | OSEN

You could drip water down his chest. Drink that holy water. It’s a whole new water filtration system.

— Lee Kyung Sil

Most K-Drama fans accused the comedian of “sexual harassment,” pointing out that her sense of humor is “outdated” and “no longer considered funny in 2023.”

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  • “Some ahjummas are like that. They think this is funny… But people around them should let them know it’s no longer considered funny in 2023. Imagine if a male comedian said this to a female actress.”
  • “Ma’am… The times have changed. You should not be going around saying things like that.”
  • “Gross.”
  • “Ugh, what the f*ck? We live in a different kind of world now. This is disgusting behavior.”
  • “Jokes like that used to work back in the days when she was on ‘Three Wheels.’ Now, it’s considered sexual harassment.”

Some made room to be more understanding of the comedian, claiming, “Lee Kyung Sil hasn’t been around for a while” and thus she “might not understand how the times have changed.”

| theqoo

  • “Lee Kyung Sil hasn’t been around for a while, so she must not know how the industry works now. A decade ago, people would have found her comment funny. Not so much the case anymore, though.”
  • “Out of her mind, really.”
  • “I was listening to this program earlier and this upset me for sure. What’s her problem?”
  • “It’s not sexual harassment to praise someone’s hard-earned physique. But to talk about it like ‘dripping water down his chest’ and whatnot… That’s straight-up disgusting.”

Regardless, hundreds of K-Drama fans agreed that Lee Kyung Sil’s comment was offensive to Lee Je Hoon and his fans.

| theqoo

  • “Had the same comment been made to a female celeb, it would have broken the internet. Lee Kyung Sil must be losing her touch. This is so wild, I had to do a double take.”
  • “It’s ridiculous that she thought about ‘dripping water down his chest.’ It’s even more ridiculous that she decided to speak on it. It’s not like the ‘Cultwo Show’ is an adult radio program. It’s an afternoon one with anyone and everyone listening.”
  • “Seriously, though. Had this been between a male comedian and a female celeb, the backlash would have been much worse. The comedian would have gotten canceled for good. This is sexual harassment.”
  • “Disgusting.”
  • “Imagine had a female guest been treated the same…? I hate this. I don’t even understand how she thinks that could be a compliment at all.”
  • “This is NASTY, I’m going to vomit. Ahjumma, apologize.”

The comedian has not responded to the criticism growing online.

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Source: OSEN and theqoo