Korean Content Creator And YouTuber Hojusara Has Passed Away From Leukemia

She has been battling the disease since May 2022.

South Korea-based Australian Youtuber Sara Holmes, popularly known by her channel name Hoju Sara has passed away from leukemia. She was fighting the disease since May of this year and frequently updated viewers through videos together with her fiancé Hyun.

Sara was popular for her lifestyle videos based in South Korea, where she lived with Hyun. After two years of travel restrictions, she finally had the chance to go back to her hometown Brisbane, Australia, with Hyun in May. But as soon as she arrived there, she was suddenly diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia. She went through several rounds of treatment in Brisbane until her fight ended on September 1, AEST.

Sara and Hyun often talked about their lives while she fought through this disease through videos. They also spread awareness about stem cell donation and urged their viewers to donate not only to help Sara but to anyone who might benefit from the donation.

In the video uploaded by Hyun, he played a voice note Sara left as a final message to her viewers before her passing.

 I love you. If you’re listening to this, I love you all. If you’re listening to this, I’m watching you all from the sky. You are all very precious to me, my friends. When things look beautiful, I was the one who did that for you. You have to remember this, okay? I’ll draw you beautiful things in the sky. So everyone, let’s all have some delicious brunch together. Ride our bikes. Let’s not be sad. Let’s wear bright colored clothes. Drink loads of delicious drinks. Drink bubble tea as well. Everyone, be kind to one another. And everyone, take care of one another.

I wanted to make it to the end. I will be taking care of all of you. Every time you see something beautiful, that will be me. This is not the end. I’m still fighting. I am fighting. I wanted to spend more precious times with all of you. I wanted to send you all a message, but this came faster than I expected…But if I can no longer see you guys, please show them this voice recording. And every time, we’ll have a picnic together, let’s eat loads of yummy things together. Don’t cry, but if you want to cry, that’s okay. But please smile a lot. Please take good care of each other. It’s so difficult to know what to say.

I love you all very much, my precious friends. I’m so proud of you all. Because you have been my friends, I have been so lucky. I have made so many good friends. I guess I have used up all of my luck. I have no regrets. I wanted to spend more time with you, but I will be watching over you. So, from time to time, while you’re eating something delicious, raise a glass to the sky, and please think of me. I will be toasting you from the sky. With bubble tea. I love you all very much. Because ‘goodbye’ is too sad, I will ‘byeong.’ Byeong!”

— Sara Holmes

Sara started her channel in 2014, uploading videos mostly in Korean language even though she was in Australia back then. She collaborated with many popular Korean celebrities as well, including the boy group Omega X, the cast of the variety show Busted!, and Korea-based couple content creators My Korean Husband.

You can watch Hyun’s full video here: