Korean COVID-19 Survivor Makes Headlines for His Contribution to Vaccine Research

He contracted the virus in Wuhan back in January, but made a full recovery 20 days later.

In light of Korea’s battle against COVID-19, one Korean man who recovered from COVID-19 made headlines for the contribution he is making to vaccine research.

Yeonhap News recently revealed the story of Lee Hye Chan, who was confirmed for the virus back in January after he returning from Wuhan for a business trip.

Lee Hye Chan expressed that his parents were greatly worried about his diagnosis.

But after 20 days of treatment, he underwent a full recovery, but his fight against COVID-19 didn’t end there.

It’s been revealed that Lee Hye Chan takes time off work every Friday in order to drive into Seoul from Hwaseong (1.5-hour drive) to visit Seoul Joongang Hospital.

The reason for his weekly visits is to donate blood to the hospital for the research of a COVID-19 vaccine.

Lee Hye Chan expressed that the decision to contribute to research was a no-brainer for him.

I’m thankful to this country, because they sent me a chartered plane to bring me back from Wuhan. Since it’s not even that difficult to donate blood, it was a no-brainer for me.

– Lee Hye Chan

Lee Hye Chan added that he has hopes that other survivors of COVID-19 will also join the cause in order to overcome the pandemic once and for all.

Check out the full interview below:

Source: Insight