Korean critic claims Yewon’s statement to Lee Tae Im is similar to saying, “Do you have a fuc—ing problem?”

Brown Eyed Girls‘ Narsha and comedian Ahn Young Mi‘s parody of Yewon and Lee Tae Im‘s conversation shown in the recent leaked video, has garnered massive attention from netizens and fans of SNL Korea.

An episode of tvN‘s SNL Korea Season 6 has aired on March 28th during its regular time of the week. During the segment of “Brave Reporters,” a scene of disguised paparazzi, including, Narsha, Jung E Rang, and Yoo Sae Yoon, following Ahn Young Mi and her boyfriend’s date in Hongdae was acted out.

Ahn Young Mi asked Narsha, who was a paparazzi disguised as an artist, to draw a caricature for her. When Ahn Young Mi received the finished drawing, she commented, “No, no, this is ugly. Unni, you don’t like me huh?”

Then Narsha replied, “Why are you staring in that way? You’re younger than me, why are you using  informal speech?”

The rest of the starring celebrities tried looking for the manager and Ahn Young Me finished by saying, “Darling, it’s because I’m cold.” The  parody of Yewon and Lee Tae Im’s speech caused the studio and viewers to burst into laughter.

Entertainer and movie critic, Heo Ji Woong, has also made his remarks regarding the incident as well. On March 29th, he shared this thoughts on his personal Instagram saying, “I couldn’t understand the exceptional context of the phrase, ‘Unni, you don’t like me huh?’, and asked around if it would have the equivalent nuance to guys when we say, ‘Do you have a fuc———- problem?’ in our conversations and got replies that it’s exactly the same.”

After weeks had passed, a video of the confrontation was leaked on March 27th, revealing that Yewon did speak informally, causing netizens to react to the previously reported claims. However, the video leakage of the argument have indeed inaugurated some catch phrases that got the media as well as netizens to start using as a joking manner on various social networking services and media outlets.

Meanwhile, both agencies have not made further comments about the incident despite flooding requests for Yewon to step down from MBC‘s We Got Married

Source: TV Daily and TV Report