Korean Elementary Students Rip Up Other Residents’ Parcels In An Apartment Complex – Parents Respond

They created a mess.

It was recently uploaded onto a community site that three elementary school students had caused a huge mess in an apartment complex in South Korea.

According to the OP, the three students had gone around the various numbered buildings in the complex and ripped up any parcel they could see. As it is common for deliverymen to place parcels by the doors of the apartments, it made it easy for the students to have access to the parcels.

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They had ripped open parcels of flour and sprinkled it on the ground, opened cooking oil and poured it on the floor. They reportedly also opened skincare products such as lotions and creams. The students went as far as to smear lotion on electronic door locks, causing them to be damaged.

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The police had been called and 6 cars were dispatched. Eventually, the kids were caught via CCTV. Their parents have responded to the issue and offered to compensate the residents that saw damage due to the matter.

Source: Money Today