Korean Entertainment Industry Staff Vote On The Best Song Of 2019, Here’s Who They Picked

Here’s who they picked.

In celebration of their 15th anniversary, Joy News 24 surveyed industry associates between October 19-26. 200 entertainment agency personnel, broadcasting studio personnel, movie and television content production personnel, entertainment news reporters, and more participated in the survey choosing the best song released in 2019. Here are the results.


Honorable Mentions — songs receiving less than 4 votes:

Bolbbalgan4 “Travel”

Bolbbalgan4 “BOM”

SuperM “Jopping”

AOA “Egotistic (Queendom version)”

SHAUN “Way Back Home”

Rocket Punch “BIM BAM BUM”

Zico “Human”

Elaine “Search (Search:WWW OST)”

Heize “She’s Fine”

DAY6 “Time of Our Life”

Kim Nayoung “To be Honest”

BTS “Persona”

Im Jae Hyun “If there was practice in love”



10. Paul Kim “Me After You” (4 votes – tie)

10. Paul Kim “Traffic Light” (4 votes – tie)

10. Paul Kim “Every day, Every moment” (4 votes – tie)

10. Paul Kim “So Long (Hotel Del Luna OST)” (4 votes – tie)

9. Hajin “We All Lie (SKY Castle OST)” (5 votes)

8. Taeyeon “A Poem Titled You (Hotel Del Luna OST)” (6 votes)

6. Chungha “Gotta Go” (8 votes – tie)

6. Jang Beom June “In Karaoke” (8 votes – tie)

5. JANNABI “For Lovers Who Hestitate” (9 votes)

4. ITZY “DALLA DALLA” (15 votes)

3. Jang Beom June “Your Shampoo Scent In The Flowers (Be Melodramatic OST)” (16 votes)

2. AKMU “How can I love the heartbreak, you’re the one I love” (17 votes)

1. BTS “Boy with Luv (feat. Halsey)” (70 votes)

Source: Joy News 24