Korean Fans Notice Something Different About IVE Wonyoung’s Singing Style And Welcome The Change

Can you hear the difference? 🤔

With former IZ*ONE member Wonyoung re-debuting with the monster rookie girl group IVE, K-Pop fans are thrilled to see all her skills and visuals on stage again!

IVE’s Wonyoung | @IVE_twt/Twitter

And following the release of “ELEVEN,” fans noticed a slight change in the way she sounds when she sings! According to an online community post, Wonyoung as IZ*ONE used to have a slight “nasality” to her singing—often caused by trying to reach extremely high notes.

In fact, in a previous “IZ*ONE One-Reeler Premiere” video on YouTube, Wonyoung once talked about squeezing out the high notes for the end of “Panorama.” She revealed that the composer requested her iconic “Down, Down, Down” part to be higher than she initially recorded it to be.

When recording that song, I tried at a moderate pitch at first. But the composer said, ‘Higher! Higher!’ So… I tried squeezing it out, which is how that part ended up the way it is now.

— Wonyoung

Playing Wonyoung’s super-catchy pre-chorus from “ELEVEN” on repeat though, fans believe the pinched tone is gone and Wonyoung sounds “more natural and comfortable.” While her part still consists of relatively high notes in her vocal range, Wonyoung isn’t so “nasally” anymore—according to the post.

Fans welcomed this change in Wonyoung’s singing style and praised Starship Entertainment for giving the idol a more fitting part.

  • “Come to think of it, I think IZ*ONE songs are all extremely high-pitched. Even the main vocalists struggled. They gave the Japanese members mad nasality, too.”
  • “Actually, back when Wonyoung was in IZ*ONE, people called her out on her nasality even when she wasn’t singing the high notes. The comments under her cover videos would all be talking about her tone… Anyway, Wonyoung sounds much more natural with this new directing. She generally got better at singing, too. I’m so proud, I wish the best for her.”
  • “It’s not like I hated her voice before. But this sounds like her real voice. It’s much more comfortable and pleasing to hear. She’s good at singing, too!”
  • “Whoa, I think they finally found her vocal range.”
  • “The way she sounds in this song is a gazillion times better.”
  • “I love how she sounds now.”

Celebrating Wonyoung having “found her voice,” fans are ceaselessly rooting for IVE’s success as leaders in the fourth generation of K-Pop.

Watch Wonyoung perform “ELEVEN” here.

Source: THEQOO