Popular Korean Fansign Venue Goes Viral For Making A “Savage” Announcement To The Fans

The announcement helped fans realize who was really at fault for the lack of preparation for the event.

On March 5 (KST), PURPLE KISS graced the Seoul DONGJA ART HALL to meet and greet their fans, PLORYs. Since the venue has been a popular choice among K-Pop idol groups for its central and accessible location, PURPLE KISS, too, frequented the DONGJA ART HALL in the past for their fansign events.

DONGJA ART HALL | @dongjaarthall/Tistory

While PURPLE KISS members spent invaluable time making unforgettable memories with the fans, PLORYs couldn’t help but notice—more so during the group’s performances—that among six members, PURPLE KISS was sharing all of two microphones.

PURPLE KISS | @purplekiss_official/Instagram

The members were seen passing the mic around to catch their parts; And though the members handled it like professionals, PLORYs could guess how uncomfortable it must have been.

The situation at the venue. Meanwhile, PURPLE KISS members ATE this. So good at singing.

— @f0xlover/Twitter

Then, at the end of the event, PLORYs got a “surprise announcement” which made aware that the mic shortage situation could have been avoided—thanks to a venue representative speaking up.

Listen to what happened at DONGJA ART HALL. And Everline, please reflect.

— @f0xlover/Twitter

The representative made it clear that the venue “owns ten microphones” and pointed out that the event organizers, Everline“signed the contract for two.”

Representative: A six-membered group held their fansign event here. But there were two microphones being used across them all. We own ten microphones here at DONGJA ART HALL. Just two were used. How come?

Fans: Let’s start over, then!

Representative: Guess the reason. Was the event fun? I have never seen a six-membered group be on stage, performing with two mics. This is the first time that has happened. It’s such a shame.

Fans: (Laugh)

Representative: The organizer for the event, Everline, signed the contract as so. We supplied as requested per contract. But we, as the venue, feel dishonored and ashamed. We hope the fans, the artist, and the management are aware of this. That is all.

Fans: (Applaud)

Following the surprise announcement, another voice—assumed to be someone from Everline—could be heard demanding the representative to stop talking and cutting the audio. Regardless, the representative stood his ground and commented, “The fans have their rights to know.”

Representative: I-

(Audio gets cut off)

Representative: I believe the fans have their rights to know.

(Organizers complaining)

Representative: I advised not to do this. I asked for the reason. You said the artist won’t care much. That the artist will not need more than the two microphones. Right? But the fans… The attendees should know the truth.

PLORYs, who could be heard applauding in the background, soon shared video footage to call out Everline for under-preparing.

In fact, before the fansign began, someone from the venue—I’m not sure if an audio person or a hall manager—told Everline about the microphones. He asked how the six members will share two mics. Everline told him that the members won’t complain about the microphones, so that he doesn’t need to mind. So he backed off. But then, later, the members mentioned having to be careful about passing the mics not to miss their parts during the performances. The venue representative got upset. He went off on Everline, commenting on how he was assured that the members won’t mind. He was like, ‘We have ten microphones. We have never seen a group pass two mics around while performing.’ He was PRESSED.

— @heotgae/Twitter

Some tracked down the venue’s rental prices and blamed Everline for “doing the [PURPLE KISS] members wrong” to “save the ₩5,000 KRW (about $3.86 USD) per mic fees.”

It costs ₩5,000 KRW (about $3.86 USD) to rent one microphone.

— @poroneee/Twitter

The internet reacted with immense gratitude for the venue’s representative, as the videos went viral.

| theqoo
  • “I understand, though. Fans talk about the venues and he didn’t want to start rumors. He’s awesome.”
  • “LOL. I know this man, he’s the venue manager. And he has one SPICY attitude. (I rent the venue often.) Everline messed with the wrong man. Well deserved.”
  • “How cool is this venue manager…”
  • Sigh. This organizer is notorious. Their shipping takes a lifetime. People have never been too pleased with [Everline] to begin with.”
  • “But I mean, I get it. I’d be pissed too, if I were the venue manager. It could’ve EASILY been the venue getting backlash for ‘preparing a total of two mics’ for the artist. The venue could’ve been blamed for the situation.”
| theqoo
  • “I’m sure some fans would have started talking about the lack of mics after the fansigns. And the venue would have gotten blamed. It makes sense the manager wanted to clear things up. I like what he said about the fans’ and the companies’ rights to know.”
  • “Pinching pennies from the wrong place.”
  • “Everline, though? I’m not surprised.”
  • “Should not be cutting corners like that… ₩80,000 KRW (about $61.70 USD) [for the wireless mics] isn’t even that much. But the members were using wire mics. So, for a total of ₩20,000 KRW (about $15.40 USD), each member could have had their own mic. [Everline] was REALLY pinching pennies, huh? I’m dead.”
  • “Now that I’ve seen the clip [of the members performing], the whole thing makes a lot more sense. The organizers shouldn’t have been pinching pennies like that.”
| theqoo
  • “The venue manager was right to speak up. Otherwise, the fans would’ve left thinking the venue prepared a total of two mics. Then, DONGJA ART HALL would’ve taken the heat. The venue might be small, but it offers a lot. It would’ve been upsetting-AF to be rumored otherwise.”
  • “It’s not like the rental costs ₩20,000 KRW (about $15.40 USD) per mic. It’s ₩20,000 KRW (about $15.40 USD) for four mics. Just PAY THE MONEY.”
  • “All to save a whopping ₩20,000 KRW (about $15.40 USD)?! I’m assuming Everline made the executive decision without talking to the group’s management, right? Everline is such a hooligan.”
  • “Wow… Had the venue not clarified, it would’ve gotten a lot of criticism.”
  • “Everline needs to be schooled. Their shipping SUCKS, too. But it never offers compensation. I tried talking to them once, but I got ghosted. Everline needs to go out of business, TBH.”

Neither DONGJA ART HALL nor Everline has spoken since, though PLORYs and other K-Pop fans continue praising the venue representative for taking the fans’ side and demanding explanations from Everline for what happened.

Source: theqoo
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