Korean Fencing Athlete Gets Accused Of Pressuring Ex-Girlfriend To Get An Abortion

Will a floodgate be opened?

A Korean fencing athlete, “L”, has been accused of pressuring his ex-girlfriend to get an abortion. Following accusations against actor Kim Seon Ho for pressuring his ex-girlfriend to get an abortion, L’s ex-girlfriend has decided to speak up against L, a fencing athlete.

On October 20, 2021, it was revealed that around 6 years ago, she got pregnant during their relationship due to contraception went wrong. She was a university student back then and she was trapped between having not enough money to abort nor raise the child.

Around 6 years ago, due to contraception gone wrong, I got pregnant. I was a university student then and at a young age, whether I wanted to raise or abort the child, I had no money and even if I went through with abortion, it was illegal back then and my boyfriend would have had to accompany me to the clinic as a guardian. At that time, I immediately told L and after he found out I was pregnant, L cut off contact with me. Last year, I coincidentally found out that L was married and I found his wife’s Instagram. As I am living in torture, seeing him live well, I got angry and I contacted the wife and told her everything about the past. She told me if I could verify having gone to the hospital, she would give me the surgery fees. To be honest, a sincere apology was priority and I would have liked to settle the financial part of it only after that, but L was uncontactable and his wife told me that she would give me the procedure fees in full even though it should have been split between me and him back then. I still have yet to receive a sincere apology from L. As both my heart and body are messed up now, I don’t hope for more. I just wish that the cowardly L, who hid behind his family back then, will let me hear an apology.

— L’s ex-girlfriend

It was made known that the ex-girlfriend had tried to contact L through his cousin and brother back then but they had told her to settle it by herself. L’s cousin was a famous announcer while his brother was a singer in Japan.

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