Korean Film “Everglow” Makes Headlines For 33-Year Age Gap Between The Two Leads

They will be playing lovers.

Upcoming Korean film titled Everglow has been making headlines for the large age gap that is shared between the two main characters. The film will feature veteran actress Go Doo Shim and actor Ji Hyun Woo, who have an age difference of 33 years between them.

Go Doo Shim (left), Ji Hyun Woo (right.)

Taking place on Jeju Island, Everglow follows the story of Kyung Hoon (played by Ji Hyun Woo,) who is a documentary producer that ventures out to Jeju Island to create a documentary about Jin Ok (played by Go Doo Shim,) who is a female diver. Jin Ok holds the record for being able to hold her breath the longest underwater, which piques the interest of Kyung Hoon.

As Kyung Hoon and Jin Ok battles their own life hardships, Kyung Hoon relentlessly tries to convince Jin Ok to create the documentary. As the film progresses, the two main characters end up falling in love with one another.

Still from “Everglow” | Myung Films

And while the story line is enough to pique the interest of movie goers, the 33-year age gap between the two main leads has become the talk of the town. Go Doo Shim, who was born in 1951 is 33-years older than Ji Hyun Woo, who was born in 1984. This age gap is rare in the film industry, especially amongst the two main leads who end up portraying a romantic interest in one another.

The film’s producer talked about the reason behind this movie plot line, to which he responded that he “didn’t want people to think about age as just a number. I want this story to be more about the different generations relying on one another in times of hardships.”

Still from “Everglow” | Myung Films

Everglow is set to premiere on June 30, 2021 so be on the lookout for its upcoming release.