Korean Footballer Hwang Hee Chan Had This To Say About His Resemblance To Actor Yeo Jin Goo

Do you see the resemblance?

2022 Qatar World Cup hero and Wolves F.C. forward Hwang Hee Chan spoke about his alleged resemblance to actor Yeo Jin Goo.

Hwang Hee Chan | Kyung Hyang

On December 15, a video with the footballer as a guest was featured on W Korea‘s YouTube channel. In the video, Hwang Hee Chan reacted to viral memes about the player.

One of the memes that had gone viral was of the player being told to get up by Son Heung Min. In the meme, Hwang Hee Chan can be seen lying on the pitch when Son Heung Min grabs the player by the ear and gets him up. Hwang Hee Chan can be seen smiling as he got back on his feet. The meme went viral when a netizen wrote in the comments, “Yeo Jin Goo’s bad acting controversy.

Hwang Hee Chan then spoke about netizens calling him Yeo Jin Goo due to their resemblance, stating that he greatly appreciated the nickname and welcomed the idea of fans giving him more nicknames in the future.

It’s one of my favorite nicknames. Everybody seems to know (my nickname) these days, and so many people tease me by calling me that. I am having fun with it, so it doesn’t matter whatever nickname you give me.

— Hwang Hee Chan

When told that Yeo Jin Goo had liked the meme as well, Hwang Hee Chan jokingly told the actor to be more original before thanking the actor and stating he’d like to meet the actor.

Jin Goo, stop copying me. I’m just playing, but thank you. Next time it would be great to have an opportunity

— Hwang Hee Chan

Surely, the two stars will have an opportunity to meet sooner than later!

Hwang Hee Chan is a Korean footballer who became a national hero when he scored Korea’s winning goal in its match against Portugal in the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

You can watch Hwang Hee Chan’s video in full in the link below!

Source: sbs
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