Korean Government Survey Reveals Asia’s Top 10 Favorite K-Pop Artists

The survey polled thousands of people across multiple Asian countries.

Every year, the Korean government’s Ministry of Culture conducts an Overseas Hallyu Survey, and the results for 2020 are in! The survey asks 8,000 people across the world which K-Pop artist they like best. 4,400 votes across China, Japan, Thailand, Australia and more voted for the Asia region’s top K-Pop artists, and these are the top 10 that made the cut.

10. Super Junior

In at #10 is Super Junior. Despite debuting 15 years ago, this group is still one of the most loved across Asia. Their position should come as no surprise, though, since they were still bagging trophies at the Asia Artist Awards last year.

9. IU

IU isn’t just the Nation’s Little Sister in Korea. She’s also loved across the whole continent. The only female soloist on the list, IU ranked #9. Her soothing voice and calming music have captured everyone’s hearts, and her 2019 Love, Poem tour took her to countries all across Asia.

8. EXO

Given EXO’s numerous sold-out tours across Asia, it’s no surprise to see them at #8 on the list. With a discography in Mandarin as well as Korea, they’re also the #1 favorite boy group in China this year.

7. G-Dragon

G-Dragon is another artist who is still a favorite across Asia despite debuting over a decade ago. After his recent discharge from the military, it’s likely G-Dragon will resume his position as one of the Kings of K-Pop around the continent.

6. Girls’ Generation

Girls’ Generation comes in at #6 on the list of Asia’s favorite K-Pop groups. Surprisingly, despite being inactive for several years, this second-generation group also ranked #1 in China this year.


Not only did G-Dragon make the list solo, but his group BIGBANG also made it into the top 5. Given that the group is set to perform at Coachella this year, their worldwide popularity is only set to rise even more.


Next up is TWICE. Alongside ranking #4 across Asia, TWICE is also the #1 favorite K-Pop artist in Japan and Taiwan—the countries where Mina, Sana, Momo, and Tzuyu are originally from.

3. Psy

It’s been 8 years since “Gangnam Style” turned Psy into a worldwide phenomenon, but he was anything but a one-hit-wonder. He’s still one of the most popular K-Pop artists in Asia, ranking #3 on the list.


The top-ranking girl group on this list is none other than BLACKPINK, who scored the #2 spot overall. They also grabbed the #1 spot in two countries: Thailand and Malaysia. Over the past year, BLACKPINK played a whopping 20+ concerts in the Asia-Oceania region, most of which were completely sold out.

1. BTS

And in at #1 is BTS. Not only did they score #1 in Asia’s survey, they also ranked #1 in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. They don’t call BTS the “World’s Biggest Boyband” for nothing!

Source: KOFICE

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