Korean Netizens Cringe At New Korea-Exclusive GUCCI Line Featuring Hangul

“Are they trying to mess with us?” 🤣

GUCCI recently unveiled a new line of Korea exclusive clothing and some pieces are receiving mixed reactions from confused netizens. Some of the products, such as the Reversible GG Wool Dress, show off GUCCI’s signature class and sophisticated style. However, other pieces left netizens cringing.

Reversible GG Wool Dress | GUCCI

Specifically, there are a few pieces with one particularly bold and unexpected design. The word “GUCCI” — spelled out in the Korean alphabet Hangul as “구찌” — appears on many of the hoodies and t-shirts, including the Jumbo GG Sweatshirt.

Jumbo GG Sweatshirt | GUCCI

The bold lettering appears in a standard font and vibrant, colorful letters, leaving Korean netizens questioning this design choice.

Jumbo GG Sweatshirt | GUCCI

Netizens flooded the comments on a viral post with their thoughts on the interesting look.

  • “No but why are they doing this? LMAO”
  • “Is this… considered hip…? Lol I can’t stand this”
  • “They seem to not really know the… Korean market…”
  • “I seriously feel like nobody’s gonna buy this lmao”
Interlocking G Cotton T-Shirt | GUCCI

“I’m somewhat proud of it but… Lol it makes me wonder if this is the power of culture,” one netizen commented, excited to see Hangul appearing on GUCCI, despite the questionable design choices.

Interlocking G Cotton T-Shirt | GUCCI

Some netizens also commented on how it gives a feeling of a knockoff product sold at a market with fake designer items and that a different font, or perhaps selling the product outside of Korea, would have been preferred.

Interlocking G Cotton T-Shirt | GUCCI

If you are located in Korea and want to snag the items for yourself, expect to pay the typical designer size prices for these pieces. The t-shirts range from $700 USD to $1,130 USD while the sweatshirt is about $2,510 USD!

Interlocking G Cotton T-Shirt | GUCCI
Source: theqoo