Korean Hip Hop Dance Crew Gets Accused Of Cultural Appropriation

“Stay in your own culture!”

There have been numerous occasions where cultural appropriation in K-Entertainment upset and offended netizens.

Sandara Park of 2NE1 | YG Entertainment

Maple.Lip is a female hip-hop dance crew that has danced for various K-Pop artists such as Hwasa, Loco, and Hyorin.

Recently, the dance crew caught the attention of global netizens with their new profile photos.

| @Maple.Lip/Instagram

Wearing box braids, cornrows, and laid-down edges, the five-member crew posed in a group shot and took individual photos.

| @Maple.Lip/Instagram

The group received a lot of criticism from netizens as they pointed out the cultural appropriation in their photos.

This wasn’t their first time sporting looks from Black culture—past photos also show them with similar looks.

Another comment called out the dance crew for sporting Black hairstyles without knowing its history and culture: “name each hairstyle in this picture … CORRECTLY. i’ll wait.”

What do you think?

Source: Maple.Lip Instagram
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